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I was asked about my ‘perfect three way fuck’

The perfect three way fuck that is mmf would be that I come home from a relaxing day at the spa (spa day provided by hubby) and i tell hubby I’m jumping in the shower to rinse off. Hubby comes up to me and starts to dry me off. This is such a turn on too. Hubby takes my hands and ties them to the hook in our ceiling and blindfolds me. I know I’m in for a fun time now. Hubby continues to roam the towel all over my body then I start to feel another set of string hands on my damp body. I tense and hubby assures me everything is okay and to enjoy. I trust hubby more than anything so I relax and begin to enjoy the sensation of four strong hands on my body. Touching the swell of my breasts and the growing dampness of my pussy. After my body has been thoroughly explored, my hands are untied and I’m guided to the bed. There I feel kisses, licks and roaming hands all over my body. I’m directed, as I’m still blindfolded, to get on all fours. I feel a hard cock pressing against my lips and hubby tells me to open up. I take the hard cock in my mouth and I know it’s not hubbies. I then feel hubby behind me, pressing his hard cock to my opening. The stranger tell hubby to take me and hubby does. As hubby takes me from behind the stranger starts to thrust his hips as to slowly fuck my mouth. Giving a blowjob and getting fucked at the same time is such a beautiful feeling. Hubby and stranger are close so they stop. Still blindfolded, I’m directed to straddle a lap, that I recognize is not my hubbies. I grin knowing this stranger is about to take me. I feel hubbies hands on my hips as he directs my damp and tight pussy to the strangers hard cock. I’m lowered onto his cock and it feels so good. Hubby reaches around and starts to pinch my nipples, knowing this is my favorite feeling. Hubby then arranges himself to also enter my tight pussy. This is something I’ve yet to do, but I’ve always wanted this. Feeling two hard cocks thrusting into my pussy knowing that they are rubbing against each other. The sensation is too much and I start to orgasm hard around their cocks and by their cries and grunts, I realize my orgasm has pushed them both over he edge. This thought heightens my orgasm! After we all go limp, my blindfold is lifted and I see the stranger is no stranger at all…..he’s someone hubby and I have chatted with on tumblr for a long while, reading his fantastic stories and breakdowns of what our potential meetings would be. I smile and giggle with joy, the fantasy has been completed! Then He looks at me and says……we aren’t finished yet sweetheart, this is just the beginning. Hubby laughs and says we have all weekend! Oh what a fantastic weekend this is going to be! damoore82 herpiggy

sexgirlsgirlsgirls asked:

What's your perfect fuck

My perfect fuck…….hhhmmmm……..getting a full body massage from my hubby that turns naughty and hubby uses his wonderfully strong fingers to bring me to climax. Then he enters me and slowly takes me to the edge of another climax…..being the tease he is he backs off and keeps doing this until he can’t take any more and drives harder into me until he cums deep inside……yes…..this is one of my perfect fuck story


Anonymous asked:

any chance we'll get to see a pic of your lovely tits?

I have plenty of my breast pics on my blog. They are all marked me 😊 I won’t be adding any more though.

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